Hitzinger was founded in 1946 and due to over 60 years of extensive experience, we are proud to provide tailored high quality turn-key power solutions.
Our range of products covers:

  • Airport Equipment
  • Frequency converters
  • Alternators
  • Diesel Generators
  • Dynamic UPS Systems

and certainly we also offer best after sales service and support.
     Today over 240 well skilled employees develop, design and produce these high-tech electrical machines and power supply systems. To be able to assist our valuable customers in the best way, we are operating from over 30 world-wide locations and affiliates.
      Especially the 400 Hz equipment has gained an international reputation for quality, reliability and experience in tailored rotary 400 Hz systems for the Aviation industry.
     Hitzinger airport equipments are used at airports all over the world and we are very proud to count world-wide-known companies such as Airbus, Abu Dhabi Airport Services, Siemens, Danata, Austrian and German Army, KLM, Royal Thai Airforce, US Army, Amenco, Lion Air, Malaysian Airforce, Saudi Airforce, South African Navy, different European Airports – just to name a few - to our satisfied customers. For more info click here
     Also our converters are available in various versions of design and for various applications: monobloc design with roller bearings, two-bearing design, with actual exciter systems, horizontal or vertical shaft arrangements, which are highly appreciated by our customers like Site Technology, Etisalat, Air France, McDermott-Baku-Azerbaijan, US Army, Navy Dock-Oman-Musandam, Royal Thai Navy, Turkish Navy, etc. So we can guarantee that the quality of power supply is always tailored to the individual needs - for automatical process control, ships, airplanes, radar or computer systems.
     The Hitzinger Dynamic Diesel UPS system comprises of four major components: diesel engine, generator, kinetic energy storage module and coupling choke. The kinetic energy module, generator and coupling choke work together to provide power conditioning and ride through energy for the UPS system, whilst the diesel engine provides the long term back up for a mains failure.

     The input stabilising filter system and energy store ensure the critical load receives a conditioned power supply whilst alos providing power factor correction.

     The  DDUPS can also be configured for dual output systems providing the flexibility of both UPS and Standby power within a single integrated unit offering yet further significant space saving advantages.

     Hitzinger high quality UPS systems ensure that hospitals, airports, data centers, banks or industrial plants have never costly power outages, not even for milliseconds.

     Our main target is to meet the customer’s very specific and individual requirements and therefore we not only design, manufacture and deliver our products on the highest possible quality but also offer services to cover all demands, such as consulting, planning, installation and maintenance.
     We hope we were able to gather your interest and would like to invite you to visit us on our website

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